December 2, 2009

Presentation Deadlines


1. CITYTECH WRITER Cover Design Presenation:
a. Monday Class will Present on Monday, December 7, 2009 at 9:45 AM, N1104.
b. Thursday Class will Present on Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 3 PM, N1101.

2. Commencement/Honors Program Cover Design Presentation:
a. Monday Class will present on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 9:45 AM, N1104.
b. Thursday Class will present on Thursday, December 17, at 3 PM, N1101.


November 30, 2009


The Trim size for the City Tech Writer cover is 8.5" x 11".

November 23, 2009

SPECS for 70th Commencement & Honors Convocation

FINAL PRESENTATION for 70th Commencement Exercises & Honors Convocation will be on:
Monday, DECEMBER 7, 2009 ... 9:15 AM.
Late submissions will get grade reduction.

These are the specs for 2 covers on assignment #1:

1. Commencement Exercises -

Final Trim Size - 12" x 10.5" (wrap around cover).

Text - 70th Commencement Exercises
New York city College of Technology
The City University of New York
June 2, 2010

Include - City Tech & CUNY logos.

2. Honors Convocation -

Final Trim Size - 11" x 8.5" (wrap around cover).

Text - Honors Convocation
New York city College of Technology
The City University of New York
May 27, 2010

Include - City Tech & CUNY logos.


The website to view past City Tech Writer PDF's is:

The TEXT for the new cover should read:

City Tech Writer
Volume 5

FINAL PRESENTATION will be on Monday DECEMBER 7, 2009.
CLASS BEGINS AT 9:15 AM... be there.
LATE Submissions will get reduced grade.

October 26, 2009


Design Team 7192 (Monday):
CLASP final project is due today.
Have work printed and mounted in my office (N-1111) by 1PM today.
Any work not turned in today is reduced by one grade; any work not
turned in by this Thursday, October 29 is an F.

October 19, 2009


E-mail me at:
to receive CLASP logo if you do not already have it.

October 8, 2009

Updated Text For Save the Date Postcard

The following was sent to me last night. It is an updated version of the text to go on the "Save the Date" postcard for the Pink & Black Tie Gala. The changes are minor.

Pink & Black Tie Gala
Save the date!
-Starring Brooklyn
-Join us for a Starry Night Celebrating Brooklyn’s Luminaries and Legends
Hosted by Stacy London of TLC's "What Not to Wear"
May 6, 2010
-Stage 6 at Steiner Studios, 6:30 – 11:00 pm
-15 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
-Pink and Black Attire Suggested
-For tickets, sponsorship opportunities and more information please contact Tamara Ehlin at
-718.622.2492 ext. 5115 or
American Cancer Society Logo The Official Sponsor of Birthdays
17 Eastern Parkway, 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238 800.ACS.2345

October 2, 2009

Pink&BlackTie Invitation RSVP Text (BACK)

Here is the text that needs to appear on the back of the RSVP card. Cut & paste, then format for your designs and layout.

Starring Brooklyn Sponsorships

Idol $30,000 - Exclusive presenting sponsor - Three premiere tables of ten - Back cover & gold page of Journal - Lead logo on all printed materials and website special recognition and banner at event

Star $20,000 - Two preferred tables of ten - Two page gold spread in Journal - Logo on all printed materials and website, special recognition and signage at event - Company featured in press materials

Co-Star $10,000 - One preferred table of ten - One gold page in Journal - Logo on all printed materials and website, special recognition and signage at the event - Company featured in press materials

Gold Underwriter $7,500 - One table of ten - Full page in Journal - Logo on all printed materials and website, special recognition and signage at the event - Underwriting opportunities: cocktail party, entertainment or decor

Silver Underwriter $5,000 - Six tickets - Full page in Journal - Logo on all printed materials and website, special recognition and signage at the event - Underwriting opportunities: favor bags

Fan Club $3,000 - One table of ten - Full page in Journal - Sponsorship recognition

Autograph Hound $1,500 - 4 tickets - Full page in Journal - Sponsorship recognition

Paparazzi $800 - 2 tickets - 7night, all inclusive Passport to Cruise for two opportunity

Please contact Tamara Ehlin at 718-622-2492 ext. 5115 regarding sponsorship, underwriting categories, Passport to Cruise details and any additional questions.

Starring Brooklyn Fan Book

Ad Specifications (width by height)

Full Page $500 - 5.5” X 8.5”

Half Page $300 - 5.5” X 4.25”

Quarter Page $175 - 2.75” X 4.25”

Outer and inside covers are four-color; all other pages are black and white. All journal pages should be submitted in PDF high-resolution print ready format to by April 15, 2010.

For more information on the exclusive bookmark opportunity on your page in the Starring Brooklyn Fan Book, please contact Jen Silvester at 718-622-2492 ext. 5134.

More information, directions to Steiner Studios, a preview of the Live Like a Star Auction, and tickets available online at

Pink&BlackTie Invitation RSVP Text (FRONT)

The following is the text that needs to be on the 5" X 7" RSVP card that will go with the invitation. This text will be on front and back of card...I will also supply text for the back of the card on the next post. Remember the fonts, colors, and layout will be determined by your designs. You may cut and paste this information, but remember to format it, to conform to your designs.
FILL-IN LINES, where appropriate.

Pink & Black Tie Gala (LOGO)

American Cancer Society (LOGO)

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Stage 6 at Steiner Studios
6:00 – 10:30 PM

I/we would like to participate as follows:
Starring Brooklyn Sponsorship (details on back)

Idol $30,000
Star $20,000
Co-Star $10,000
Gold Underwriter $7,500
Silver Underwriter $5,000
Fan Club $3,000
Autograph Hound $1,500
Paparazzi $800

Sponsorship RSVP by April 23rd

Tables & Tickets
Table of 10 $2,500
Indies at $250 each

My Guests:


____ I/we can’t be there but would like to support the American Cancer Society with a tax-deductible donation of $ _______

(specifications on back)

Page in Journal and Digital Display during Cocktail Reception

Inside Cover Page & digital display $2,000
Gold Memory Page & digital display $1,250
Full Page & digital display $1,000

Journal Pages Only

Full Page $500
Half Page $300
Quarter Page $175
Book Mark $3,500 (exclusive 4-color insert program)
Camera-ready copy is enclosed

Deadline for Journal: April 15th


Name____________________________ Company______________________
Billing address __________________ City____________ State ___ Zip code ____
Phone ____________ Fax ___________ E-mail _________________________
Name/Company (as you wish it to be listed in the program)________________________
Please bill my credit card: $ _________ Visa ___ MC ___ Amex ___ Discover __
Credit Card #:__________________ Exp. Date: ________ Security Code ______
Signature:_______________________ Check enclosed:__________________

Please make checks payable to American Cancer Society. Contributions and journal pages are fully tax deductible; $125 per ticket and $1250 per table are not tax deductible. Federal Tax ID 16-0743902

Send this form and payment to: American Cancer Society, Pink & Black Tie Gala, 17 Eastern Parkway 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11238

For tickets, kindly RSVP by mail by April 15; after that date, please call Tamara Ehlin or visit the website

For additional information, contact Tamara Ehlin at the American Cancer Society 718-622-2492 ext. 5115 or

Thank you for your support!


Hi Everyone, The following text is the information that needs to go on the invitation. Fonts, colors, layout, spacing, etc. will be determined by your designs. You may cut and paste this information.

American Cancer Society
Pink & Black Tie Gala (LOGO)
Starring Brooklyn

Starring Brooklyn
Please join us at the Pink & Black Tie Gala for a very special night celebrating Brooklyn’s contributions to the movie industry.
Thursday, May 6, 2010
Stage 6 at Steiner Studios15 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
6:00 pm 10:30 pm
Cocktails, auction, dining & dancing
Special performance by …(leave room for a few names)

Stacy London, of TLC’s What Not to Wear

Margo T. Lewis,
Founder, 96 Magnolia Show House. Live Well. Live Style. Live Green.

Peter M. Meyer,
President of NYC Markets, TD Bank
Eileen Holmes, Vice President of Retail Markets, TD Bank
Harry A. Winters, M.D., Division Chief, GastroenterologyWoodhull Medical Center

Honorary Committee
Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President

Steve Cohen, Brooklyn CyclonesDenise Arbesu, Citigroup
Kenneth Adams, The Business Council of New York State
Melanie Corpuz, Sullivan & Cromwell LLPDr.
Barry Eckert, Long Island University
Cara Fulchino, American Express
Wendy Goldstein, Lutheran Medical Center
Louise PassantinoClaire Patterson, Kings County Medical Center
Maurice Reid, Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Centers
Dr. James Rucinksi, NY Methodist HospitalCarl Hum, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Reginald Daniels, Lions International

Gala Committee

Yvonne Riley-Tepie, TD Bank

Marla and Jonathan Bumble
Ruby Charles
Alex Charles
Nancy Colt
Deni Davis-Sheehan & Ed Sheehan
Aleem Duggins
Tamara Ehlin & Charles Mallea
Debra Fried
Chrissann Gasparo
John and Jean Griffin
Derecka Hackett
Rosemarie Horne
Jannie Hudson
Kris Kim & Erik Engquist
Janice Lacroix
Elizabeth Lombardi
Marie Lane
Naomi Mersky
Laura Denise Milkowski
Jessica Miller
Peter Ostermann
Barbara Romano
Summer Sharaf
Barbara Slattery
Caren Scarlato
Stephanie Stephenson
Zoe Sundra
Carol Thomas

Special thanks to our sponsors
(Room for 12 Logos)

Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society’s patient services and programs in the Brooklyn community, as well its national research, education and advocacy initiatives.

For more information, please contact Tamara Ehlin at 718-622-2492 ext. 5115 or

To buy tickets online, directions, and to see a list of fabulous auction items, visit

September 29, 2009



Client#1: American Cancer Society (contact: Tamara Ehlin)
Project: Pink & Black Tie Gala – “Starring Brooklyn”
Pieces: 1. Post Card (Save the Date) 5” X 7”
2. Invitation (size up to you) w/ Reply card (5” X 7”)
Deadline: Printed and Mounted for presentation Monday, October 19, by 1PM in my hands.

Client#2: CLASP (contact:
Project: 5th Annual Colloquium - Urban Dreams & Reality”
Pieces: 1. Poster (11” X 17”)
2. Brochure/tri-fold (8.5” X 11”)
Deadline: Printed and Mounted for presentation Monday, October 26, by 1PM in my hands.

Client#3: New York City College of Technology (contact:
Project: Commencement & Honors Program Covers
Pieces: 1. Commencement Exercises (12" x 10.5" wrap around cover)
2. Honors Convocation (11" x 8.5" wrap around cover)
Deadline: Printed and Mounted for presentation Monday, December 7, by 1PM in my hands.

Client#4: City Tech Writer (contact:
Project: City Tech Writer Journal Cover
Pieces: 1. City Tech Writer cover (8.5” X 11”)
Deadline: Printed and Mounted for presentation Monday, December 7, by 1PM in my hands.



Text & Dates are subject to change.
You/we need to be able to make changes to text.

This applies to all assignments.

CLASP: Poster Specs & Text

The following is the information for the CLASP poster assignment.

Poster Size: 11" X 17" (Portrait)

Headline Text:

Urban Dreams & Reality

5th Annual CLASP Colloquium

Location Text:

LaGuardia Community College
Long Island City, NY 11101

Date Text:

Friday, April 2, 2010, 10 am - 4 pm

Additional Text:

Call for papers and registration at


CLASP: Text for Brochure

The following is the text that will go on the CLASP brochure. It will be an 8.5' X 11" sheet , with a tri-fold. Don't forget the Image on the cover. This should be designed as "landscape" to fit the format.

This is in addition to the CLASP 11" X 17" Event Poster.

CLASP brochure copy (assuming an 8 ½ x 11 trifold)

Panel 1

What is CLASP?
CLASP stands for the CUNY League of Active Speech Professors. This is our sixth annual colloquium.
Who is CLASP for?
If you teach Speech Communication classes within CUNY, CLASP is for you.
What is CLASP’s mission?
The mission of the CUNY League of Active Speech Professors is to promote the communication discipline within the City University of New York and to foster the pedagogical practices and research of its faculty. We prepare our students to communicate effectively as democratic citizens in a global environment. We accomplish our mission by sponsoring faculty colloquia, forums for students’ speeches, and networking opportunities for students, faculty, and communication professionals.

Gordon Alley-Young, President
Alan Winson, Vice-President
Patricia Sokolski, Treasurer
Kaitlin Cruz, Secretary

Join the CLASP Conversation.

Panel 2

Have more questions?
You can email us at
Or visit our website:
This event is made possible through the support of the Borough of Manhattan Community College: Dr. Antonio PĂ©rez, President; Dr. Sadie Bragg, BMCC Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs; Dr. Susana Powell, Chair of Department of Speech, Communications, and Theatre; xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

This event was planned with the help of the CLASP Colloquium Committee:
Hollis Glaser, BMCC, & Eva Kolbusz, BMCC, Co- Chairs
Gordon Alley-Young, KBCC
Kaitlin Cruz, KBCC
Shauna Vey, NYCCT
Alan Winson, JJ

We also wish to thank:
Dr. Gloria Nicosia, Chair of the Dept of Communications & Performing Arts, and the Department of Printing Services at Kingsborough Community College.

Prof. Mary Ann Biehl, Chair, and Professors Anthony Accardo and Nassar McMayo of the Department of Advertising Design and Graphic Art at New York City College of Technology.

Panel 3

Urban Dreams & Realities
CLASP Colloquium 2010
Borough of Manhattan Community College
April 16, 2010
Call for Presentations

CLASP brochure copy (assuming an 8 ½ x 11 trifold)

Panel 1

CLASP 2009
Urban Dreams and Realities.
The City University of New York has long been an institution where all New Yorkers could come to pursue their educational goals, to realize their potential, to fulfill their dreams. As we move into the coming decade, CUNY is faced with new realities--a changing student population, an uncertain economy, a turbulent political environment. The 2010 CLASP colloquium will be a place where communication educators will explore the many ways public speech at CUNY, both in the classroom and administratively, helps our city face the complex future of an urban institution of higher education.

Panel 2

Do I have to write a paper?
No, prepare an interesting oral presentation, just as you would have students do in your own classroom.
If I want to present, what are my options?
We want to hear about your research activity or publications, your best teaching practices, and especially anything that you are doing to take speech across the curriculum ands outside of the academy. We are also open to proposals for issue-focused roundtables or other non-traditional formats.
Panels will be organized around the following broad areas:
Current inquiry in speech communication (e.g., articles and/or books at various stages of completion). Sharing research and thought can provide you with valuable feedback and insights.
Best approaches to teaching speech communication (e.g., grading scales, course designs, effective materials, assignments, activities). We` all face similar barriers and bottlenecks in teaching; share your solutions so that others can profit.
Building community across the curriculum and outside of academia (e.g., working across departments, working with businesses or nonprofits to offer a better speech education). Share your efforts and partnerships. We also welcome presentations that explore broader dynamics within CUNY, changes across time, comparisons of different campus programs, and relationships with CUNY administration.

Panel 3

Am I limited to these topics?
Not at all, we welcome your suggestions.
Fill out the form at
Deadline for Presentation Proposals is March 1, 2009.

Do I have to pay to attend?
A $10 registration fee covers the all-day program including lunch.
How do I register?
You have two choices:
Fill out the enclosed form and mail it to us, along with your check made out to CUNY League of Active Speech Professors. Or Register online at: and pay when you check in.

Deadline for Registration is March 20, 2009. But Register early, space is limited to 60 participants.



A vote was take today about our classroom situation.
The majority has voted to remain in N1104;
and pushing up the class time to 9:00AM-11:30AM.

September 25, 2009

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala 2009 Invitation Interior

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala 2009 Invitation Interior

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala 2009 RSVP

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala 2009 RSVP

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala 2009 Invitation

Rear of last years invitation.

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala Assignment Pt 2

This is the Cover for the 2009 invitation.

Part 2 of the "Starring Brooklyn" assignment is the invitation.

This will consist of 4 parts:

1. Exterior envelope (you do not need to design this).

2. Invitation ... wide open ... you need to be creative, and get the potential sponser/event attendees' attention.

3. Envelope for RSVP card (you do not need to design this either).

4. RSVP card ... attendee sends back his response and check.

ACS Pink & Black Tie Gala Assignment Pt 1

Remember: This is to be Mailed out so leave room on the back for Postage and Addressee label.

This project consists of:

1.Postcard - To inform potential donors of the upcoming gala event (save this date).
Gala Theme - "Starring Brooklyn"

Size is 5" x 7".
Full-Color, B&W, or Black and Pink. (The choice is yours).

a. On the front:
-Iconic Image of Brooklyn as the "Star" of movie.
-American Cancer Society
-Pink & Black Tie Gala (Logo Type will be supplied)
-Event Date
-Starring Brooklyn

b. On the Back:
-Pink & Black Tie Gala
-Save the date!
-Starring Brooklyn
-Join us to Celebrate the best of Brooklyn
-Hosted by Brooklyn's own Stacy London of TLC's "What Not to Wear"
-Date (to be supplied)
-Stage 6 at Steiner Studios, 6pm - 10:30pm
-15 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
-Pink and Black Attire Suggested
-For tickets, sponsorship opportunities and more information please contact Tamara Ehlin at
-718.622.2492 ext. 5115 or
-HOPE. Progress. Answers. 800.ACS.2345
-American Cancer Society Logo with address: 17 Eastern Pkwy
5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238

American Cancer Society Assignment

I contacted the Brooklyn Historical Society this morning, and got permission for you to access the archives there. They will allow you to use 2 high resolution images from the collection.

Julie May is the contact person at the Library/Photographic Collection, her number is (718) 222-4111, ext. 224. Let her know that you are in my class, working on the American Cancer Society Gala invitation poster.

She will send me the digital file, and I will get it to you in class. But there will be some time down while she accesses the files and gets them to me, so don't delay if you are planning to use their resources.

The address is:

The Brooklyn Historical Society
128 - Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel: 718 222-4111

Admission is $4 for students (not sure if this is mandatory or a suggestion, ask!)
This fee entitles you to access the Museum & Library.
Library is on the second floor, Julie is putting together a packet to help access the archives, so ask for her.

Library Hours are limited from Wed-Fri, 1-5PM.

September 16, 2009

Getting Busy

Hi Everyone,

We will be meeting with two new clients in the next class. That will bring the project list up to three assignments. There will be two more clients after that, for a total of 5 projects this semester.

September 13, 2009

Specs for Asst #1 Commencement & Honors Covers

These are the specs for 2 covers on assignment #1:

1. Commencement Exercises -

Final Trim Size - 12" x 10.5" (wrap around cover).

Text - 70th Commencement Exercises
New York city College of Technology
The City University of New York
June 2, 2010

Include - City Tech & CUNY logos.

2. Honors Convocation -

Final Trim Size - 11" x 8.5" (wrap around cover).

Text - Honors Convocation
New York city College of Technology
The City University of New York
May 27, 2010

Include - City Tech & CUNY logos.

Contact Person: Vincent DeFazio
Email : VDEFAZIO@CityTech.Cuny.EDU

August 30, 2009

Business Plan: Assignment #1

Creat a "Design Brief" Template to supply to your potential future clients.

It should include:

1. Your company name, and information.

2. Your logo.

3. Questions listed in previous Design Brief post.

Design Brief

A design brief is a document used by creative professionals and agencies to develop creative deliverables: visual design, copy, advertising, web sites, etc. The document is usually developed by the requester/client (in most cases a marketing team member) and approved by the creative team of designers, writers, and project managers. In some cases, the project's design brief may need creative director approval before work will commence.

The design brief, consisting of a series of simple questions asked by the creative team and answered by the requester/client, becomes the guidepost for the development of the creative deliverable. As with many strategic documents, if the project goes off track referring back to this mutually agreed upon document to see where the divergence began is helpful.

Design briefs can come in many formats and are usually tailored to the agency or group that is developing the creative deliverable. They know which questions (and answers) are of paramount importance to them in order to deliver a high-quality creative execution.

Your design can only be as good as the brief you worked from. The best projects are borne from briefs that are open enough to inspire ideas, while being specific enough to feel workable.

Picture the scene. You've just landed a new client, who hurries a brief to you for a marketing brochure. There are a few holes in the brief, but instead of asking for constant clarification, you get to work. Later you’re told the design “isn't quite right”. Before you know it, the client is refusing to pay.

This is a common scenario for many freelance designers. Ambiguous design briefs are infuriating. What’s worse, clients who set you up to fail often go away thinking you messed up.

So what can you do to avoid this?

The only way is to formalize the briefing procedure using a "Design Brief" or "Client Brief".

Unfortunately, clients who aren't familiar with the design process don’t see carefully-written briefs as a high priority. This may be because they don’t have time. Quite often, it’s because the client hasn't made fundamental decisions about the objectives of their marketing collateral.

By supplying your client with a briefing template and briefing tips, like the ones below, you can elicit the information you need from a few carefully crafted questions. You may even draw attention to the things your client hasn't thought of—like “Have I got all the artwork my designer needs?” or even in some cases “Who am I targeting with this item?”

A formal handover template gives you the opportunity to offer a few pointers, so the client learns how to get the most from your talent. It’s a frame of reference when you meet to discuss the assignment, and a point of review if your first proofs don’t pass muster.

Remind your client that a formal design brief is not unnecessary red tape. It’s there to ensure your client gets value for money from your service. The trick is to educate your clients without patronizing or victimizing them.

Maybe post the templates on your website and offer a link to them in your email correspondence. Make the templates subliminally accessible for your clients.

You should make that Design Brief a priority on every project.

Good things to include in your design brief:

1. Title of item.

2. Delivery mechanism and marketing objectives.

3. Format.

3. Budget and schedule.

4. What are you providing the designer with: Product shots, website screen shots, photographs, diagrams, etc. (Check these are high - resolution.)

5. General description of format: Describe any formatting issues you have arranged with the printer.

6. Description of target audience: Occupation, gender ratio, average age, nationality/location, psychological demographic, lifestyle preferences.

7. Message objectives: Hierarchy of copy messages, treatment of headlines, body copy, visuals, product samples, call-to-action.

8. Where to look for inspiration: Give brief examples of style / overall look you want the item to achieve. What aspects of the product or branding can be used as a starting point for the design?
What feelings or metaphors reflect the spirit of your product or company?

9. What not to do: Also give examples of what the design shouldn't include and what styles to avoid.

Tips for briefing a designer

1. Think about the message of the design. Offer guidance to help the designer marry the “look” of the item with the “voice” of the copy.

2. Don’t prescribe solutions. You are paying for the designer’s ideas, so avoid the temptation to tell the designer what to do. Instead, be clear about what the item needs to achieve, so the designer can explore ideas. This is where you need the designer’s expertise.
It’s rarely a good idea to give a designer a mocked up layout – they will simply follow your instructions which are not necessarily making the best use of the space.

3. Do your scheduling before you brief a designer. Make sure you schedule the whole project before you brief a designer, incorporating appropriate feedback and incubation stages. Ask your designer to inform you in advance if deadlines or set budgets are unrealistic.

4. Formalize design briefing. Carefully word your brief in an email or as a front page to your copy, and use this as a reference point when you meet. Always brief designers face-to-face, or on the phone for smaller projects.

Attendance Policy

It is College policy that students may be absent from no more than 10% of the class hours. For a class that meets for 15 sessions; this means no more than 1.5 absences.

Two late arrivals equal one absence.

Please refer to your Student Handbooks for additional information.

Course Description

"Working individually or in teams, students will consult with a variety of clients on the design and production of logos, posters, advertising campaigns, brochures and other promotional materials. Students are responsible for collecting research, conducting meetings, making presentations and following client guidelines. The role of deadlines and budgets is stressed. Students are expected to be involved in all phases of production.

"We will explore the possibilities of running a freelance Design Studio, by creating a personal mission statement, and business plan for our own studios.