September 25, 2009

American Cancer Society Assignment

I contacted the Brooklyn Historical Society this morning, and got permission for you to access the archives there. They will allow you to use 2 high resolution images from the collection.

Julie May is the contact person at the Library/Photographic Collection, her number is (718) 222-4111, ext. 224. Let her know that you are in my class, working on the American Cancer Society Gala invitation poster.

She will send me the digital file, and I will get it to you in class. But there will be some time down while she accesses the files and gets them to me, so don't delay if you are planning to use their resources.

The address is:

The Brooklyn Historical Society
128 - Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel: 718 222-4111

Admission is $4 for students (not sure if this is mandatory or a suggestion, ask!)
This fee entitles you to access the Museum & Library.
Library is on the second floor, Julie is putting together a packet to help access the archives, so ask for her.

Library Hours are limited from Wed-Fri, 1-5PM.